2022-10-31 The candy didn’t last long enough to be photographed, but Halloween Candy Tsar, Sean Saez, made sure the results of the competition were recorded. Augur newcomer Sabrina Hernandez defeated long-time Sugar-lock Holmes winner Sam Kitchin, and Augur President Kurt Wasileski tricked all of the Augurites with his submission of Crows candy.

Halloween Awards.png

2022-10-15 After a long hiatus, in-person Beer Brackets, hosted by our resident Kegerator Tsar, Ryan Webster, returned for its ninth year! Past and present Augur employees gathered to determine if a city vs. a country beer should win. Local brewery Blue Jacket won the crown with This Wheel's on Fire IPA! To see previous winners, visit https://www.thebeerbracket.com/

Beer Brackets Post.png

2022-10-01 Our Expeditionary Deputy Portfolio Manager, Wendy Rich got married and became Wendy Cassidy! It was a lovely wedding and some of the Augur crew had the pleasure celebrating with her! Wishing Wendy and Dylan a lifetime of love!

Wendy Wedding Photo.png

2022-09-22 The Augur family wanted to round out the summer with one more event - another blood drive partnership with Inova Blood Donor services! After donating, we decided to fill our stomachs and celebrate our good deeds with good food at Inca Social.

2022-08-18 Augur turns 10! The Augur family celebrated the company's 10th anniversary at The Eleanor in DC. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate this milestone achievement with us! 

2022-07-29 Augur Community outreach and Volunteer Tzar (Joe Listopad) with some successful summer initiatives. One intiative was back to school supplies donations that will be donated to Northern Virginia Family Service, a non-profit that equips families in need with the tools and resources they need to succeed and improve their situation. The second initiative was aiding the Potomac Riverkeeper Network with some river cleanup in the Alexandria area.  

Joe with School Supplies.png

2022-05-23 Army Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Cost Team was awarded the ICEAA 2022 Team Achievement of the Year Award for their efforts performing complex cost estimation. This effort is performed by a team of Augur analysts and our teammates. Nominated by PEO-EIS Leadership. 

Congratulations and well done!

To read the full nomination, please click here (Pages 3-4)

2022-05-21 Augur is attending the 2022 ICEAA conference! Hope to see you there!

2022-03-10 This quarter’s Augur Charity Event partnered with INOVA Blood Donor Services to host a blood drive event at their donation center to aid the national blood shortage. Thank you to all who were able to make it!

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

2022-03-07 Spotted in Iceland! The Gabs rocking Augur SWAG while on vacation in Reykjavik.

2022-01-28 Having two leagues didn’t stop Fantasy Football Commissioner Sean Saez from another great year of awards and analysis!

2022-01-24 The first annual Augur Shred the Gnar Trip.

The Augur crew took a trip to Wisp Resort in McHenry, Maryland!

2021-12-09 Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays from the Augur Consulting Team!

2021-06-05 After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, Augur Athletics finally started back up again!

2021-02-08 We had some really great discussions today at Augur Book Club discussing our Banned & Censored Through History themed book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey!

2021-01-14 Fantasy Football Commissioner Sean Saez successfully led us through some unprecedented times and outdid himself this year! As we often say at Augur, if it's worth analyzing its worth over analyzing.

2020-12-18 We got creative with our holiday party this year since it was 100% virtual and had some fun rounds of Code Names, and Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, and a gift card raffle!

2020-12-09 The first Augur Book Club book has been selected, and the book winning the most votes was Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang!

2020-09-26 The Augur Cycling Club took advantage of the nice weather and biked along the Alexandria waterfront this weekend! A month prior, the inaugural ride took us around Rock Creek Park!

2020-05-18 Our very own Technical Director, Sam Kitchin, was awarded the 2020 ICEAA Management Achievement of the Year! Well Deserved!

To read the full nomination, please visit https://www.iceaaonline.com/ready/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/IW2020-2Web.pdf    Page 15

2020-03-14 Our Augur crew put their baking caps back on for another Pie Day Celebration! One of the winners for this year was a cinnamon pie!

2020-03-08 While at the Pentagon for other business, the Augur crew could not resist this classic photo op!

2019-12-19 White Elephant Tzar Robel Semunegus serving up surprises this holiday season! Who knows what’ll be in store?!

2019-09-11 Our fearless leader, Kurt Wasileski, cooked up some perfect pancakes for everyone at the office for Augur Pancake Day!

2019-08-28 It’s a good thing Augur hires critical thinkers! It took every bit of our problem solving skills to conquer the Escape Room Arlington with half the allotted time remaining!

2019-04-11 Kicked off our first of many Augur Adrenaline Events at Bad Axe Throwing in DC!

Bad Axe.png

2019-03-14 It’s that time of year again! The Augur Annual Pie Competition in celebration of Pi Day!