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DOE Logo.png

Augur proudly supports a variety of government projects across many Military and Civilian Agencies

We hold prime contracts on

GSA and multiple agency-specific vehicles

NAICS Codes:

541330 - 541512 - 541611 

541618 - 541690 - 541990


CAGE: 659X0

DOE EM Logo.jpg

Photo: U.S. Navy - Solid State Laser

DOE Fossile Glow.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy -  Fuel Analysis

DOE EM Isotop Reactor.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy - Isotope Reactor

JCREW pic.jpg

Photo: U.S. Navy - CREW IED Jammer

DOE Nuke.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy - Nuclear Reactor

DOE Dam.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy - Hydro Electric Dam

Photo US Navy USMC MADIS - Marine Air Defense.jpg

Photo: U.S. Marine Corps - Marine Air Defense Integrated System

DOE EM Overflow Container.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy - Overflow Container

NSF Antarctica.jpg

Photo: National Science Foundation - Antarctica Logistics Hub

DOE Laser.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy - Laser Test Event


Photo: U.S. Navy - Non Lethal Weapons, Acoustic Loud Hailer

AEGIS Defense System_edited.jpg

Photo: U.S. Navy -  Ballistic Missile Defense System

DOE Saltwater Treatment.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy -  Saltwater Treatment

DOE EM Plutonium.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy -  Holding Plutonium

Air Force Cyber Dashboard_edited.jpg

Photo: U.S. DoD -  Cyber Operations Dashboard

DOE Nuclear Stack.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy -  Nuclear Facility

DOE Nuclear.png

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy -  Particle Accelerator

Navy Non Lethal Laser LA9P.JPG

Photo: U.S. Navy -  Non Lethal Weapons, Laser

Railgun 2.jpg

Photo: U.S. Navy -  Electromagnetic Railgun


Photo: U.S. Navy -  Fast Combat Ship Replenishing Burke-Class Destroyer

DOE EM Underground Storage Excavation.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy 
Environmental Management, Storage Excavation


Photo: U.S. Navy - Explosive Ordnance Robot


Photo: U.S. Navy -  Deployable Medical Support

mk18 pic.jpg

Photo: U.S. Navy -  Unmanned Mine Seeker


Photo: U.S. Air Force -  Osprey

DOE Nuke Instrumentation.jpg

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy -  Nuclear Instrumentation

DOE Ocean Turbines.png

Photo: U.S. Department of Energy -  Offshore Wind Turbines

Night Vision.JPG

Photo: U.S. Air Force -  Night Vision

High Energy Laser.JPG

Photo: U.S. Navy -  High Energy Laser


Photo: U.S. Army - Biometric Matcher

Decoy Launch NULKA.jpg

Photo: U.S. Navy -  High Powered Projectile Decoy Launch

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